10 Paint Colors We're Loving

Whether we’re meeting with our clients or answering DMs, paint colors are always a big topic of discussion. Honing in on the perfect shade can feel like an impossible task, but we view it as part of the process as designers. While most people assume selecting paint is the natural starting point, we’ve found that wall color is best viewed as a component of the larger design.

In our experience, the wall color tends to make itself known after developing the overall concept for the space. Some clients come to us with a vision—like our Sheridan Ave project—and we’re really looking to create a certain mood. Color plays such a key role and can make or break the outcome.

We’ve previously shared our favorite paint colors in the dark and moody realm, but today we’re zooming out with an overview of ten colors that are currently on our radar. You’ll find a variety of whites, grays, greens, blues, and (wait for it) reddish browns and salmon pinks. Go ahead and bookmark this post because these paint colors have earned our team's full stamp of approval.

Benjamin Moore: Newburg Green

Project Sheridan Ave | Photography: Amanda Birnie

Project Broadway Court | Photography: Amanda Birnie

one. Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore

This regal color strikes the ultimate balance of blue-meets-green. It worked perfectly in our Sheridan Ave project.

two. De Nimes by Farrow & Ball

A muted blue that pairs beautifully with gold hardware. We are just finishing up a kitchen in DeNimes and it's the perfect blue gray.

three. Simply White by Benjamin Moore

A classic white in every way. You’ll always get a clean look without ever feeling too stark.

Sherwin Williams: Natural White

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Birnie

Tip: We always test colors. It doesn’t matter if we’ve used a million times we always, always test. We test the colors in varying spots in the room so we can see how the light affects the color throughout the day.

Walls: Benjamin Moore Simply White

Trim: Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

Project Sheridan Ave | Photography: Amanda Birnie

four. Moderne White by Sherwin Williams

Think more of a creamy white with a touch of warmth. I used this in my own home a million times and love it .

five. Shaded White by Farrow & Ball

Described as a “neither too warm nor too cool,” this hue is the goldilocks of paint colors.

six. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

This ever-popular gray is a bestseller for a reason.

seven. Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

With brown and taupe undertones, we consider this is a true warm gray. We're using this in our #RedForestWay project and it has been such a warm and lovely greige.

Fireplace: Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Olive

Project River Road Remodel | Photography: Amanda Birnie

Walls: Benjamin Moore Titanium

Trim: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Project River Road Remodel | Photography: Amanda Birnie

eight. Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams

When we’re looking for a classic “greige” paint color, this is where we turn.

nine. Dead Salmon by Farrow & Ball

Don’t let the name fool you; this color has such a subtle elegance.

ten. Deep Reddish Brown by Farrow & Ball

Go bold and bring on all the earthy vibes.

Walls and Trim: Farrow and Ball Dead Salmon

Project Broadway Court | Photography: Amanda Birnie

Tip: In general, we opt for an eggshell finish on the walls and satin enamel for any trim.

When it comes to trusted brands, we use a lot of Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Farrow & Ball. We’ve heard so many great things about Clare Paint and Backdrop Paint and are dying to use them in a project! It's also worth noting that given the paint shortage and the impossibility of finding samples, we’ve been purchasing these boards for our inventory and have been loving them! They are true to color and so versatile for any space.

Walls: Sherwin Williams Natural White

Doors: Sherwin Williams Rushing River

Project Broadway Court | Photography: Amanda Birnie

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