3 Ways to Use Wallpaper

Whether a project involves renovating an existing residence or designing plans for a new build, our goal is to bring a sense of character to any space we touch. Sometimes that means collaborating on custom furniture or sourcing the perfect vintage rug, but more often than not, adding character to a home involves a custom wall treatment. Most notably, wallpaper.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the design world, you know this old-school wall treatment is making a significant comeback. What was once seen as a dated trend from generations past is now at the forefront of interiors—showing up in project reveals from the most notable names in the industry.

At JMI, we love using wallpaper in so many scenarios; you’ll often find it in our powder rooms, kids' rooms, and stairways. If you’ve visited our portfolio, you’ve probably seen our use of wallpaper in Project Broadway Court and Project River Road Remodel, just to name a few. While there’s no off-limits space to use wallpaper, we want to highlight our three most common areas of application. Plus, we’ll share our go-to brands for sourcing so you can shop the look for yourself.

Interior Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Marie Birnie

Interior Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Marie Birnie


When we’re working with a small space, we like to pack a big punch. Adding a bold wallpaper to a powder room is an excellent way to achieve that visual interest without overwhelming a primary living space. In our recent Project Broadway Court (shown above), we used a pattern that brought a feeling of movement and dimension in serene neutral tones.

Interior Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Marie Birnie

Interior Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Marie Birnie


You might remember our previous blog content about designing kids’ spaces. And if there was ever a time to reach for a fun wallpaper, this is the room to do it. In our Project River Road Remodel, we installed an Abigail Edwards wallpaper in the nursery for a bit of pattern play reminiscent of the ocean waves.

Interior Design: Sarah Montgomery Design

Image via House & Home | Photography: John Gruen


Another great space to utilize wallpaper is the stairway. You can bring so much character to your home with the right pattern in just a single wall. Depending on the era of your home, subtle floral patterns can serve as a connection to its past. Or, you can go in a geometric direction for a wall treatment that feels modern and fresh.

For additional wallpaper inspiration, be sure to visit our Pinterest boards, which are always getting updated.

Interior Design: Espejo & Goyanes


Don’t let the fear of commitment scare you away from wallpaper. Whether you use traditional wallpaper or a peel-and-stick option, there are so many great products on the market to get the look without the application (or removal) headache. With the right prep work from a professional wallpaper installer, even pasted wallpaper can come down easily without damaging your walls.

Here are a handful of our favorite sources, all of which can be purchased online. Tip: before placing an order, always request a sample to test out the look in your space.

Abigail Edwards

Hand-drawn patterns inspired by nature.

Farrow & Ball

Traditional wallpaper in a wide variety of styles.


A tightly curated selection of vintage-inspired patterns with a modern twist.

Hygge & West

Female-owned and Midwest based company with easy-to-install options.

Chasing Paper

A huge selection of both removable and traditional wallpapers.


Peel and stick wallpapers with a whimsical aesthetic.


Looking for more design ideas? You can always visit or portfolio or find our latest inspiration on Pinterest with new content added each and every week. If you would like to connect with us for your upcoming project, we would love to hear from you. You can connect directly by filling out our contact form.

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