It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it? In what feels like a minute, our collective day-to-day rhythms have drastically shifted as we work to find a new, yet temporary, normal. While we’re all still learning the art of social distancing, I’ve found myself striving to keep busy with extra time spent cleaning, organizing, and refreshing the nooks and crannies of our space.

In light of this new “stay home” mentality, I’m putting a brief pause on the last installment of the Inside My Design Process series for a post dedicated to freshening up your kitchen space. I’m talking easy, achievable updates that can all be done from the comfort of your own home. If you’d like to join me on this humble mission to add some spring-inspired beauty to our world’s current chaos, rest assured I’ve got you covered.

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Spring cleaning is basically my love language, and my annual clean-out always involves decluttering the countertops. Between dishes, bills, papers, and kids’ craft projects, countertop clutter is inevitable. Now is the time to find new methods to control the madness. Whether it’s dedicating an area for letters/papers/bills or moving small appliances (think toasters, juicers, slow cookers, and the like) to the pantry, you’ll love having those counters freed up and ready for use.

Design by Eric Olsen Design

Design by j.miller interiors


It’s not spring without some fresh flowers, branches, or outdoor elements gracing your kitchen space. Place them in a beautiful vase, and you’ve officially brought the outdoors in. I love foraging whatever happens to be blooming in my own backyard, but that’s not to say flowers from your local shop or market aren’t equally as lovely.

Design by Amber Interiors


Every kitchen deserves some beautiful dish towels and spring a perfect time to freshen up your selections. Whether you choose to incorporate some new color tones or patterns, be sure to check out the incredible selection made by small makers on Etsy, because #supportsmallbusinesses. Particularly in Spring, I will always reach for linen. Think soft, subtle stripes, waffle knit weaves, or thicker Turkish towels.

Design by Heidi Callier Design


I’m always amazed how easily art can bring movement, color, emotion, and life to a space, making it the ultimate refresh tool. Choose a piece that reflects the season, and you’ll have an instant sense of springtime bliss right in your own kitchen. I always look for vintage artwork first, and surprise, Etsy is my go-to for supporting small businesses while sourcing secondhand. To keep things feeling modern, I'll often reframe a vintage piece in a simple, low profile frame in a deep hue. Additionally, I love the simple swap of a framed print and Etsy is full of gorgeous options to print at home, well under $10. Here are a few favorite vintage and printable options:

Design by The Identite Collective


Who’s guilty of letting those holiday candles linger on the countertops for far too long? Go ahead and tuck away any winter accents, and swap in scents inspired by spring. There are endless options to shop, but this citrus and birch pick from McGee + Co. might be my very favorite.


Getting in that deep spring-cleaning mode takes some work, but I promise it doesn’t have to be a total pain. Tackle one kitchen organization project at a time, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it can go. My favorite checklist items? Reorganize cabinets and drawers, take stock of utensils, and speed clean the refrigerator, just to name a few. Bonus points for tackling any kitchen pantry projects that could use a little love!

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