7 Steps to Organize Your Home

Once the weather begins to warm, and the calendar turns to April, most of us feel a sense of urgency to deep clean our homes. It’s the spring cleaning itch that happens every year like clockwork, and as designers, we love nothing more than the opportunity to reorganize the nooks and crannies of our spaces!

When we’re working with our clients—whether it’s a remodel, a new build or anywhere in between—we often ask a few critical questions. How does storage work in your home? And most importantly, do you need more? Our philosophy of design rests on integrating the form and function of spaces, and creating workable storage is such a critical component! We ask strategic questions to understand the storage and identify organizational solutions that are just right for our clients.

As we approach a new project, we encourage our clients to really prioritize home organization. In fact, we’re so passionate about designing functional spaces that we even partner with professional organizers to make it happen! We’re broken down our process into seven easy steps that are entirely applicable to any project on your spring cleaning list.

Design: Studio Ett Hem | Photography: BCDF studio


Step number one is a non-negotiable in our book. Before any cleaning or organization efforts take over, we always, always start with a clear space. That means taking everything out of the drawer or closet and starting with a completely fresh slate. Clearing out your clutter will make your home feel messier in the moment, but we promise it’s all part of the process. Things have to get a bit “worse” before they get better.


Now it’s time to pare down the items you have in your space. We all passively accumulate extra stuff over time. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t always make the best use of them. We are known to have our clients take an inventory of the most used appliances or items in their home to know exactly what we’re storing where. We often say ‘better not more’—invest in something that’s better quality, not more items.

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Spencer Albers


This is a simple one that’s an absolute game-changer when it comes to home organization. Find a place for everything. Yes, everything! If you’re tight on storage, this is where baskets, bins and containers all come into play.


We make a point to integrate as many reusable items into our home, and it really cuts down on a lot of miscellaneous items floating around.


Next, make a point to corral all your items in a single “category” and organize them together. For example, so many of us have cleaning items stored throughout the house, but we’ve found it best to centralize all items of a kind in one space. However, having a few select cleaning items (glass cleaner, general cleaner, etc.) tucked under a bathroom sink can be helpful for those quick cleaning moments, too.

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Marie Studio


Oh, toys! As every parent knows, kids’ toys seem to find themselves all over the place, and we encourage (and practice in our home) finding a place for every toy to go. We rotate toys regularly throughout our house, which keeps things fresh and lessens the amount of toys that are out day-to-day. We also have a trade-in policy where our kids must swap a toy of similar size (or number of pieces) before they can get something fresh.


Last but not least, it’s time for the closet. True to our philosophy of ‘better not more,’ we’re big fans of evaluating with an honest eye and letting go of the items that are no longer in regular rotation. We also recommend using the same hangers for ease of access and a clean look.


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