A Look at Our Furniture Collaboration With Faithful Roots

If you’ve been a following along on Instagram or here on the blog, you’ve likely heard me mention our ongoing collaboration with Faithful Roots. As a furniture boutique based in Santa Monica, working alongside Faithful Roots has been a dream come true experience, and I decided it’s about time we dedicate a post to the collaboration. Today, I’m sharing how I first became involved with the Faithful Roots and Rovan Furniture team and I’m spotlighting all the custom pieces we’ve designed to date. Bonus—I’m also giving you some inside info on what you’ll see released just around the corner!


Funny enough, my collaboration with Faithful Roots started as a bit of a happy accident. I was in the midst of designing project #jmiriverroad and began to realize I needed a custom designed dining table for the space. I searched high and low for the perfect small-scale, solid wood table and couldn’t find the right fit to save my life. Of course, I was saving a million and one ideas to my Pinterest boards and I knew exactly what I wanted. Finally, I decided to reach out to Andy Weld of Rovan Furniture and he was able to help me bring my vision to life. With that, the Miller dining table was born and the rest, as they say, is history.


About a year after we created the custom dining table for our project, Britta of Faithful Roots reached out to see if I would be interested in a design collaboration. The answer was a resounding yes! Soon after, the Miller Table became officially listed for purchase, and it was such a surreal feeling to watch our work come to life.

Not long after that, I began working on project #jmibeardave. We needed a really tiny, minimal console table for this project and I knew exactly where to turn. You’ve probably already guessed where this is going, but that’s when the Miller Console Table version came into the picture! Both pieces in the Miller collection are solid wood and custom made in the USA, and the quality is second to none.


Fast forward another year, and our team began working on project #jmielliotave. Once again, I knew exactly what I wanted for the space, but really couldn’t find anything to fit the bill. I was looking for a specific style of wooden painted nightstands with the option to customize, but I quickly realized that it didn’t exist. The new Bia nightstand was the answer!

With the Bia, I wanted to create something for designers and homeowners to get the exact look they wanted. Along with the Faithful Roots team, we made sure the Bia nightstand was completely customizable, allowing clients to select the paint finish and the wood finish to perfectly fit their space. We also have a Bia console table and credenza version currently in the works, so keep an eye out for those product announcements coming up soon!


As I was recently designing our new office space, I had the itch to create yet another piece of custom furniture. This one (yet to be named!) has chunky, tapered legs and small notches to hold a piece of custom stone or wood. It’s elegant, detailed, and perfect for an entryway or behind a sofa for a little extra surface area. I am hoping we’ll have it named and released in the next few months, and I promise to keep you all posted with the news.

Throughout this collaboration, I’ve found that new designs are always floating in my head. As we get working on projects in the studio, I’m often inspired to create the perfect piece for my clients. I’m certain we’ll have many more pieces coming down the line, and I can’t wait to let you know as they’re released!

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