A Year in Review

This year has been quite unbelievable, to say the least. We all adjusted and changed our lives in catastrophic ways, and sustaining a business during a global pandemic has been like flying an airplane while you’re building it. Despite the enormous challenges we all faced this year, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities (yes, even the opportunities that came as challenges!) presented to us. Heck, we even survived our first few months of online kindergarten, which is a total feat in and of itself!

To cap off this year unlike any other, we’re taking a look back at some top highlights for the JMI team. We’ll be sharing our favorite client projects, key milestones for the studio, new team member additions, our most loved blog posts and so much more.

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

The most significant changes around the JMI studio were, of course, the addition of Laura, our senior designer, and Jess, our intern. Our capacity for keeping work in-house quadrupled, and no surprise, so did the fun. Having both Jess and Laura around in the studio (here and there, all things Covid considered) brightened the everyday experience of running a design studio. Their individual contributions and design sense have been more than appreciated. Y’all loved our Designer Happy Hour series on IG live that we did far less frequently than we planned, but there’s more to come in 2021, we promise! Laura and I will be aligning our calendars to be sure we make that a regular happening.

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

Coming in second place to the lovely people that fill our space is the studio itself! I began shopping for space at the start of the year, signed a lease in February, and hesitantly moved in during the throes of the first wave of Covid in April. I couldn’t be more thankful that I signed for the space before I knew what was even around the corner. In such a challenging year, it’s been a wonderful space to work and create. PS - if you’re curious to see the final outcome, you can take the full studio tour right here!

Better Homes and Gardens October 2020 Issue

Two of our most significant publication milestones were our Better Homes and Gardens feature in their October 2020 issue, and a multi-page spread in the MSP Home and Design HD 100 issue in December 2020 featuring our River Road remodel.

Another huge milestone was the fact that our design work exploded, to say the least! We haven’t been able to capture near what we thought we would due to Covid, but we’re feeling so hopeful about 2021. Most importantly, we can’t wait to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on behind the scenes!

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

You know that I live and breathe podcasts so it was a major honor to be interviewed for two podcasts including an episode with LuAnn Nigara yesterday and The Wingnut Social. One thing I love about this industry is learning from others and I am so grateful for all of the connections we've forged this year.

This year, we celebrated working with clients all over the US, including 13 different states! Many of our projects are months or even year(s) long projects, so reveals are a long game for sure! However, we did reveal two new projects this year: our Elliot Ave primary bedroom and our 45th Ave primary bedroom. We have honed in our work to prioritize full-service design projects, which allow us to really take a project from start to finish. We love the mix of furnishing and renovation/new build projects, and we are so hopeful to take on more full home projects in this upcoming year!

Last but not least, we’re celebrating one year of blog content creation. Some of our most beloved posts have been all of the details in some of our favorite design projects, a shoppable primary bedroom (more of these posts to come!), how we use Pinterest in our design work, and all of the posts revealing our favorite Etsy shops.

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

And that’s a wrap! Thank you, as always, for the ways you’ve supported our studio throughout this particularly unexpected year. We’re so thankful for everyone who has read our blog content, interacted with us on social media, worked with us as a client, and cheered us on along the way. Here’s to a new year and many new projects ahead.

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