All About the Details

If our business had a mantra, it would probably go something like this: good design is always in the details. While we may start every project with the big picture in mind, so much of our daily work revolves around the smaller moments that set a home apart and make a space come together. Time and time again, I’ve found that an inch here or there can really impact a surprising amount of design decisions, which is why today’s post is dedicated to that very notion.

Oddly enough, the pandemic has really helped shift my perspective to realize the devil is in the details and the small moments matter. As a design studio, we value the function of our spaces as much as the form, and we also value the larger vision as much as the details. And while those details are the true hero of our work, they can often go overlooked.

Today we’re throwing a spotlight on those detail moments by walking through some of our previous projects. Those beautiful wide shots may get all the love on social media, but trust me when I say these small details are what leave the biggest impact.


Project #jmiriverroad received the full design treatment with a built-in grooved drainboard next to the kitchen sink. It took a while to find exactly the right fabricator, but we ultimately did it, and I can assure you it makes doing the dishes all the more enjoyable.


In our project #jmidrewave, one of the most celebrated details is the arched backsplash with an ogee edge. It marries modern design sensibilities with the more traditional architecture of the home in perfect fashion. We also had to solve the puzzle of hiding a radiator in the space and found that creating a little cabinet with a rattan insert did just the trick. It’s yet another example of small design moments with a significant impact.


We worked with some really funky roof lines in our project #jmi45thave. It presented us with a bit of a challenge, but nothing a little design work couldn’t solve. By painting the trim a contrasting color, we were able to anchor the eye from all the crazy angles and minimize the distraction. We also added a built-in bench to easily store a yoga mat or other essentials to incorporate even more function into the space.


When working on our project #jmielliotave, we thought long and hard about how to solve for a tiny window set behind the bed. But by adding a whole wall of custom drapery, we were able to create a really luxe moment, not to mention solve the tiny window issue with ease.


Allocating project funds towards proper styling can often be an overlooked element in any project, but it’s really what makes a space come together. From a client perspective, we understand that it can feel ridiculous to budget for styling pieces. But from a design perspective, it’s essential. In our #jmibeardave we were able to add all the finishing touches (styling moments included!) to round out the home.



As you’re planning for the details moments within a design, our rule of thumb is to integrate the old with the new. Vintage items are what bring warmth, character and personality into a space, and we consider it even better if they happen to be vintage items that are personally meaningful to you!

Of course, sometimes you simply need to fill a few shelves and that’s where the new items come in. Refer back to our shelf styling guide for all our tips and tricks, and remember to always keep those details at the forefront.

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