Current Design Timelines + Supply FAQ

Over the past year, the design industry has felt the ongoing impacts of pandemic-related shutdowns, affecting everything from supply chains to project timelines. This Architectural Digest article helps explain the nuances of what’s happening in manufacturing and how design studios like ours have pivoted along the way.

It’s been a tricky time to navigate, to say the least, but today we want to answer some of the most common questions from prospective design clients. We’ll cover what remodeling timelines currently look like, when to start your project, and some tangible ideas for creative workarounds.

Photography: Amanda Birnie

Q: I hear everything is crazy busy right now in the home remodeling industry. What does that mean if I want to start a project?

Everything is certainly crazy, but with careful planning you can avoid a lot of headaches. As always, the first step is visiting our portfolio to develop a better understanding of the j miller interiors style and aesthetic. If you think we might be a good fit, simply take a moment to complete the online inquiry form.

We love for clients to inquire when they’d like to start a project, and together we can determine the right timeline. Often, clients come too late in the process and it’s a huge scramble to complete things quickly. We love for clients to inquire (considering current lead times) at least 8-12 months before they’d like their home project to be complete. It’s hard to give a specific inquiry time for remodels or new construction, but right now, we’re seeing contractors booked out through 2021.

Photography: Amanda Birnie

Q: I heard you are booked out until the fall. How does your waiting list work?

Yes, we are currently booked until early fall, and our waiting list works on a first come, first serve basis. So while we might not start your project for a few months, completing a contract and sending in a design retainer secures your start date on our calendar. We try to keep our wait time as short as possible, but we never want to sacrifice customer service. Spacing our projects allows us to give each and every client the time they need. Call today :)

Q: What if I start a remodeling or new build project with you, but construction can’t start for a while?

In many ways, having space between the start of a project and our work is ideal. We absolutely love the opportunity to fully design a space before the demo even begins. With trades and builders being so busy, we are finding that if we have the spaces designed, specification books created, and some orders started, we’re in really good shape to get the project started as soon as a builder is ready. You can read more specifics about this phase of our design process right here.

Photography: Amanda Birnie

Q: Are the longer timelines the same for remodeling or building and furniture?

In short, yes. All materials seem to be running in lower supply with longer lead times and sometimes higher price tags. We’ve seen crazy delays and price increases on everything from sofas to plumbing fixtures. We try to plan our lead times and specifications according to the client’s preferences, but sometimes we just have to wait for the perfect piece to arrive!

Photography: Amanda Birnie

Q: Any creative workarounds for the lead times?

YES! We have quite a few tricks up our sleeves, including designing our own pieces and having them locally made, purchasing floor models, upping our inventory game, and sourcing vintage. In fact, we are sourcing more vintage pieces than ever! In addition to their obvious style and endless possibilities, they are usually in stock and ready to go. While we are seeing some horrendous delays in the industry, buying vintage allows us to keep our footprint a little smaller and add the perfect piece to our clients’ spaces right on time. In addition, we’re seeing fewer delays with fabric, so getting a vintage piece reupholstered is such a great workaround.

Overall, we’ve been purchasing so many incredible accessories and furniture pieces to be as ready for our clients as possible!

Photography: Amanda Birnie

Looking for more design ideas? You can always find our latest inspiration on Pinterest with new content added each and every week. If you would like to connect with us for your design project, we would love to hear from you. You can connect directly by filling out our contact form!

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