Our Approach to Distance Design

Earlier this month, we shared some of our biggest goals for 2021, including expanding our nationwide client base. While Minneapolis is home to our (newly redesigned) studio, we love working on projects near and far. In fact, our projects have taken us to 13 different states, with that number set to uptick this year.

We’re often asked for details about how our distance design services work from start to finish. People wonder how on earth we manage big projects from afar, and how the experience all comes together. It can understandably feel a bit confusing, but we’re here to help demystify the concept. Today we’re answering our most commonly asked questions around distance design, Q&A style.

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

Q: What should I know about Distance Design, and how does the experience work?

So much goes into interior design, and we don’t take the responsibility of our projects lightly. That’s why we only offer full-service design to our clients at a distance, giving them a turn-key experience from concept to completion. We are along for the entire project, step-by-step, to make sure it turns out exactly as our clients have envisioned.

In terms of client experience, we offer our distance projects the same exact level of bespoke service that our local clients receive. We have such a robust backend process in place which makes it easy for us to translate everything for our clients across the country. As a studio, we prioritize consistent communication, detailed drawing sets, and a clear timeline to make it happen. If you’re interested in learning more about the details of our process, we’ve outlined a full breakdown here: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV.

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

Q: What type of projects do you take on for Distance Design?

Great question! Some people might be surprised to learn that we take on a full range of distance projects, including new builds, full home construction, renovations and furnishing. So much of our work can be completed virtually, which means there’s no limit to the scope of work we can accomplish at a distance.

Q: How do you gather measurements and develop a space plan?

When it comes to the important elements of space planning, there are a few ways we approach this for our distance clients. First, our clients will often provide us with architectural drawings that we can work from. Or, an architect is involved in the project and shares their drawings with our design team. If that’s not the case, we simply coach our clients on how to properly measure their space or make a special visit to collect the measurements ourselves. There’s a bit more hands-on involvement from our distance clients, but it can absolutely be done.

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

Q: Do you schedule site visits during the project?

Yes! We build in strategic site visits to ensure that every detail is attended to from start to finish. We’re along for each phase of the project, both at a distance and in-person as needed. Site visits are a necessary part of our work and we schedule visits for each and every project.

Q: How does ordering and installation work for distance clients?

All of our Distance Design clients receive our full procurement services. We take on the start-to-finish purchasing responsibility, offer competitive designer pricing, and connect our clients with our trade-only and custom sources. We work with local receiving warehouses to inspect, store and white glove deliver all of our soft goods and furnishings.

It’s also worth noting that coordinating tradespeople and installation details may require some additional involvement for our distance clients. But, we strive to provide the same level of customer service and bespoke design as we do locally.

Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

Thanks so much for joining us on this deep dive into the world of interior design at a distance. Have a question we didn’t answer in this Q&A? Leave a comment, or send us an email to get your Distance Design experience started.

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