Favorite Etsy Shops: Decor & Accessories

Over the past several weeks, I’ve taken you along on a curated guide to all things Etsy. We’ve covered everything from the best in lighting and hardware to my go-to shops for sourcing rugs and textiles. It’s been an opportunity to spotlight some of the most talented small makers across the world, and quite honestly, I’ve loved every minute of it.

Today, we’re in the final installment of the Favorite Etsy Shops posts series, and we’ll be shifting focus to my favorite category of all — decor and accessories. These are the unique styling pieces that tie a space together, and mass-produced products simply can’t compete. Sure, shopping Etsy can require a bit of digging. But in my book, it’s well worth the hunt.

Flux Glass

This Asheville-based shop specializes in handmade mirrors with a one-of-a-kind feel. They can craft virtually any type of mirror you need, and I particularly love the addition of lead lines on this circular mirror.

Andrey Punin

I’ve been a longtime customer of this Etsy shop thanks to their unique selection of vintage art sourced from across the world. Many of these pieces are signed by the artist and help add a sense of character to any space. Over the years, I’ve bought way too many paintings to count, but I currently have my eyes on this piece in particular.

Caribe Casual Shop

When you’re on the hunt for standout accessories to layer within a space, this is your shop. They have a super funky but well-curated selection, including these carved figures that would look right at home styled on a shelf or built-in.

The Bead Chest

True to its name, The Bead Hunt is a one-stop-shop for all the beads you could ever want. Their collection features a mix of African trade beads and recycled glass beads in any color, shape, size — you name it. They have so many beautiful pieces, but I especially adore their bone beads for styling.

Rancho Adobe

Vintage dough bowls are one of my go-to objects for styling, and this shop has so many to choose from. Better yet, each of their pieces ships for free within the U.S.

Chernysh Brothers

Twin brothers, Eugene and Alexander, are the makers behind this Etsy shop known for its selection of chairs, benches, and accent furniture like this Danish cord stool. Many of their pieces are made to order, so allow for production time when ordering. But I’m telling you, it’s always 100% worth the wait.

Linda Renee Pottery

I adore this shop for its selection of terracotta pots, coffee mugs, and small bowls. Each piece is handcrafted and is absolutely worthy of putting on display. Linda is currently on vacation, so her shop is temporarily closed, but it's worth signing up for her waitlist because her pieces are just THAT good.

Old Wooden Stool

If you’re in need of wooden accent furniture, this Etsy shop has you covered! They curate an impressive selection of stools, benches, and general styling pieces to fill your space with character.

Uncertain Places

I’m thoroughly convinced the original etchings in this shop are the perfect small accessory. Handmade from Berlin, these limited edition prints are true works of art.

Hitoshi Morimoto

This Okayama-based shop has the most beautiful ceramic pieces made in Japan. I love their handmade teapots and bowls, but I would gladly display any of their pieces within my home.


Maevo specializes in modern handmade objects and has become one of my all-time favorite ceramic shops. I love keeping a close eye on their collections, and I usually want one of everything.

Loop Design Studio

I’m a big fan of this shop for their pretty storage baskets, which makes perfect toy storage for kids’ rooms. Along with baskets, they have a great assortment of styling pieces with a clean, minimalist style.

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