My love of Etsy finds has been thoroughly documented on this blog space, and it's not without good reason. Shopping one-of-kind pieces while supporting small artisans is a win-win in my book — plus, the ability to shop from the comfort of home makes it all the better. Over the years, Etsy has become one of my go-tos in online sourcing, but I’ll be the first to admit that finding the best, most reputable sellers requires a bit of legwork.

Modern console table with round mirror and mod lamp

design by Julia Miller Interiors

In an effort to share my Etsy love and help you do the same, I’m launching a three-part series covering my favorite independent shops in a variety of key areas. This is a curated guide to the shops I love and frequent, featuring a mix of vintage, handmade and custom pieces to help elevate your home design in every category.

First up, I’m highlighting all my favorites in lighting and hardware within this online treasure trove. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to share these incredible small makers with you all, so let’s get to it!


If you’re in the market for a cool vintage fixture, this shop is where it’s at. Their collection of one-of-kind lighting pieces always makes me stop and do a double-take.

Starbird Pottery

Call all ceramic lovers! This Vermont-based shop is on a mission to add beauty and functionality to your everyday routine with small-batch pottery that’s all made by hand. I’m telling you, ceramic table lamps have never looked so good.

Oliva Lova Shop

Hands-down the most adorable pleated lampshades and bases, all of which instantly caught my eye! These beauties come straight from France and totally look the part.


This Copenhagen-based shop curates some of the most incredible vintage fixtures. If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece (and up for a splurge-worthy investment), this is the place to do it!

Lamborn Studio

Say hello to the prettiest leather hardware made right here in the United States. I recently purchased some pieces for an upcoming project, and I can’t wait to see them all in action.

Forage Hardware Studio

I love this shop for so many reasons, but it really all comes down to the high-quality hardware, the vast product selection, and the hard-to-beat price points. They also stock gorgeous appliance pulls and shower door hardware that’s really hard to find elsewhere.

Mod Creations Studio

You’ll find a nice assortment of lights for a powder room or any space that needs a little extra lighting touch. Plus, the solid price points are a total win.

Long Made Co

Consider this your new go-to for well-designed spotlights that can be used in a wide variety of spaces. Their pieces have even been featured in some of the top shelter magazines, so you know they’re really good.

design by Julia Miller Interiors

Modern Brass

I love their simple brass knobs that give off such a fresh, clean finish. These pieces come from a small maker in Utah, and I’ve always been highly impressed.

The Light Factory

This shop’s lighting fixtures have been featured everywhere from Architectural Digest to Domino, and it’s not hard to see why. Their signature bubble chandelier would be an incredible addition to any entry space.

Southern Lights TN

With a focus on bespoke lighting for both homes and hotels, this shop features a variety of simple lighting with a clean and modern style.

Hooked Pull Me Knob

I adore this little shop’s selection of leather and brass pulls and knobs, all designed with tasteful simplicity.

Star Hardware

This shop features a simple collection of metal mixed with wood and leather that’s always a winning combo. You’ll find knobs, pulls, cabinet door handles, wall hooks and so much more.

Design in Focus

While the huge selection can be admittedly overwhelming, I promise it’s totally worth the hunt. With a little sorting, I’ve found unique pieces like their geometric knob collection, which I absolutely love.

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