As a designer, I’m constantly asked where to find the most unique, artisan-crafted pieces to elevate a home. The answer? Etsy. While there are many times interior designers (myself included) turn to our trusted trade vendors or local craftspeople, Etsy is where I typically source everything in between. I’ve found that it’s one of the best resources hiding in plain sight, which is why I’ve dedicated a post series to spotlighting my favorite small shops.

So far, I’ve covered the best in lighting and hardware, and today I’m sharing my top picks in the rug and textile arena. These are the pieces you’ll often find featured in my client projects, not to mention, tucked inside my own home.


Flax + Symbol

I’m a major fan of all things Flax + Symbol thanks to their modern hand-blocked textiles. Whether you’re looking for pillow covers, throw blankets, or wall hangings, you’ll find it in their online shop. Plus, if you’re in the market for some reusable face masks, they’ve got some great 100% linen options available.

Usis Studio

Based in Alberta, Canada, Usis Studio has one of the best collections of vintage-inspired, handwoven pillow covers I’ve come across. All of their pillows are hand-sewn and backed with 100% linen, so you know you’re getting top quality.


Laura, our new project manager, introduced me to this Etsy shop, and to say I’m obsessed is a bit of an understatement. Tshaj has a huge selection at great price points with a mix of vintage, mud cloth, and handwoven global textiles. We’ve already bought so many pillow covers from this shop, including these natural hemp covers and this handwoven beauty because believe it or not, brown is making its official comeback!

Stitched By Grace

This well-curated shop is all about beautiful solids and subtle patterns made for layering. Each pillow cover is extremely well made, and this two-tone linen ochre pillow tops the list as an all-time favorite.

Salt Shop Handmade

Here at the studio, we’re big fans of Cary Ray. Her Etsy shop, Salt Shop Handmade features a fun mix of linen pillow covers, hand towels, and aprons, all designed with her signature style. Make sure to keep your eye out because their patterns rotate, and they always sell quickly!

Magic Linen

Known for their bespoke home textiles, this shop is my go-to for all things linen — curtains, bedding, and even the best face masks I’ve purchased to date. Once again, Laura saved the day by introducing me to the amazing-ness of their masks, and my socially distant outings will never be the same.

Flax Box

This Latvia-based shop has a fantastic collection of linen bedding for both kid and adult rooms alike. I love so many of their products, but this green linen duvet is a total standout.


You’ll find all kinds of things for the home tucked within this beautiful collection. It’s impossible to narrow down to a single favorite, so I’ll just take one of everything, please.


When you’re searching for really simple yet highly curated linen textiles, this shop has you covered. Their products come in a variety of earthy neutral tones that can easily complement any space.


The Sunny Side & Co.

I might be biased as a frequent shopper, but this is hands-down one of the best Etsy shops for all things Moroccan rugs. Rest assured, these beauties are the real deal.


Based out of Brooklyn, this Morrocan rug shop features an incredible collection of both modern and vintage handmade pieces. I adore this checked wool rug that’s practically begging to be styled in a nursery!

District Rug Shoppe

It’s no secret that we love all things vintage rugs, and this shop is one of the absolute best. Here on the blog, we even featured District Rug Shoppe in our #meetthemaker series, and you can find her on Etsy, too!

Trendy Rugs

When I’m sourcing for a project, Trendy Rugs is another shop I love to scope out. They’ve got a great vintage rug selection that’s coming to you all the way from Turkey.

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