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October has been quite the exciting month around our design studio, to say the very least. We celebrated our first print feature in the Better Homes and Gardens October 2020 issue, and it’s been one of the most surreal moments of my career to date. Two years ago, I was contacted by a BHG story producer about the prospect of featuring our home. That call was ultimately what gave me the courage to transition to interior design full-time.

Fast forward to this month, and that moment has finally come full circle. Admittedly, the process of print publication was new territory for me, so I thought it’d be fun to share a glimpse into the process of getting our house ready for its close-up.


Our process of our Better Homes and Gardens feature started back in 2018 when I was contacted by one of the magazine’s local writers. At that time, our house wasn’t yet finished, so the prospect of publication was a complete surprise! After the home was scouted, it was officially pitched to BHG for publication. Of course, there was no definite commitment once our home was scouted. In fact, we didn’t hear back if it was an official go until just four weeks before the crew was set to arrive in October 2019!

Once the date was set, we were able to fill in the BHG editors, stylists, and photographer on the story of the home and why we chose the finishes, layout and design decisions. The whole team was incredible to work with and took a lot of time to get to know us. Shout out to the shoot stylist, Liz Gardner, who even looked at my Pinterest boards to get a sense for my accessory style—she nailed it!


The photo shoot session was a multi-day event involving the entire family. In the spirit of full disclosure, please know that there was a lot of bribery involved to get my children to cooperate for the camera :) I believe there were a few runs to the local Walgreens for treats and toys. Coincidentally, my parents were in town and BHG inquired about their participation. Thankfully they were game!

The team was in our home for a total of two days, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of tweaking and last-minute changes that went into getting those perfect shots. While I would love to say our house is sprinkled with fall leaves and with accessories perfectly placed, that’s definitely not the case. The Better Homes and Gardens team took an immense amount of care to make our home look the best it’s ever looked and I am eternally grateful.


What I really love about our home feature is how the writer, Kelly Keagans, so thoughtfully chose to focus on the ‘long game’ aspect of our home renovation. We took quite a long time (a full year, to be exact!) creating the plans, determining our finishes, and figuring out an in-depth budget plan for the project. I am thankful that part of the home renovation was captured in the storyline without being quickly glossed over. I think we can all agree there’s a lot of mystery around how projects really come together (thanks, HGTV) and what’s involved in the process. I’m so grateful that we were able to tell the story of how we meticulously planned for each and every aspect of our renovation to make it all happen on a six-year timeline.

Below, I'm sharing a few of my personal images of the home, but you'll have to snag a copy of the October 2020 issue of Better Homes and Gardens to see the full feature!

A special thank you to Kelly Keagans, Liz Gardner, and the entire Better Homes and Gardens team for making this home feature possible. We’re so honored you chose to share our story with your readers!

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