Frequently Asked Questions for Designers

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a chance to really sit down and talk shop. But with fall inquiries quickly picking up, we thought now would be a perfect time to revisit the key points all new clients want to know. Starting a project comes with so many questions, and we love nothing more than walking our clients through all the ins and outs. Whether you’ve worked with a designer before or you’re simply researching the process, let this be a helpful guide to planning for your next project.

Project Sheridan Ave | Photography: Amanda Marie Studio

Q: How far out are you booking projects?

A: The answer to this question seems to change weekly as we get a better handle on our current project timelines. It is becoming harder and harder to predict how long a project will last with all of the delays, but as of today (Sept 2021), we are booking projects for start dates in the winter (early 2022). I always encourage potential clients to inquire early! Even if you know you don’t want to start a project until spring, let us know your plans so we can scoot you in our calendar.

Q: Do you handle ‘trade’ work like the swapping of fixtures, paint, wallpaper, etc?

A: YES! We connect our clients with our trusted local trades. We have a small team of trades that we adore and recommend for our projects. We are always open to using new-to-us trades, but ours are the best in the business, and we love partnering with them on projects.

Q: What is the one thing you recommend the most to clients?

A: WINDOW TREATMENTS! I know it’s hard to stomach the cost, but you simply can’t replicate good window treatments—they literally make the room. So much of our work involves layering and window treatments are an essential and practical layer to finish off a space. I joke that I’m going to start gathering sound bites from some of our clients who were hesitant to say ‘yes’ but now adore their new window treatments.

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Project Pleasanton | Photography: S•E•N Creative

Q: How do you set budgets for furniture?

A: Setting project budgets is a moving target with crazy industry price increases, but we try to get our eyes on the aesthetic our client is after. With their aesthetic in mind, we can recommend a minimum budget to complete their space. Sometimes clients come to us with a fixed budget, and we can let them (kindly but honestly!) know what we can accomplish.

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Q: How do you work with architects?

A: We love working with architects, and they are often an essential piece of the puzzle. All projects develop differently, but we’ve found that being in at the start of the project is essential for the team to develop a cohesive plan. We often sit out the first few meetings with the architect but are looped in once the basics have been developed. We love to make sure the interior can function as the client intends and will space plan the proposed blueprint to give the client a sense of how the interior will shape up.

Q: With all of the delays, how long is it taking to get furniture?

A: We’re finding that it is taking about six months for most pieces to show up. It’s a little crazy, and we have been doing lots of partial installs, but it seems that six months gives us the best shot of getting most everything on site. Our usual motto is to wait for the perfect items, but we realize it’s asking a lot of our clients (which is why you should always inquire early!). We are also sourcing a lot of custom and vintage furniture, which does help speed things up a bit.

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Project Pleasanton | Photography: S•E•N Creative

Have a question that didn’t get addressed? Head over to our FAQ page for even more insight into our process. If you would like to touch base about an upcoming project, we would love to hear from you. You can connect directly by filling out our contact form!

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