GIFT GUIDE: Homebody + Hostess

This year we won't be traveling, going to holiday parties, or hosting neighbors. So instead of our usual "hostess" gift guide, we're taking a slightly different approach. Today's gift guide is all about the Homebody - which we've all been forced to become this year. In an effort to embrace staying home and social distancing through the winter months, these gifts bring a little joy to the everyday. Whether they be fresh pieces of art and sculpture, or a quirky coffee table book, it's all about self-care, entertainment, and a little humor.

A few themes we're particularly loving for gift giving this year: elevated board games, subtle luxury scents, and indoor gardening. Minneapolis is due for a long winter so hunkering down with a whimsical book, a cozy blanket, all while eating fresh grown herbs sounds like a plan.

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GIFT GUIDE: For the Homebody + Hostess

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