Home Styling Updates for Fall

In case you haven't heard, fall in Minneapolis always means a rapid change in seasons. One minute we’re basking in the summer sun, and the next, we’re beginning to winterize our homes as we prep for the frigid months ahead. And while the shift can feel quite abrupt, I’m pretty sure that our fall season is second to none. The colorful scenery around our city’s parks and lakes is absolutely incredible, and I like to think of it as a reward for putting up with the long Minnesota winters.

To help make the absolute most of fall while it’s here, I love switching things up in my home as a nod to the changing seasons. From extra bedding layers to warm color tones, home organization and more, I’m dedicating today’s post to autumnal updates for your space—no pumpkins required.


If you’ve been following J Miller Interiors for any length of time, you know that saturated colors are always up my alley. But when autumn officially comes onto the scene, I love those colors all the more. Whether it’s a rich evergreen, a moody blue, or a vibrant terracotta, there’s something about the richness of color that warms up a space like no other.

Design: Katie Hodges Design

I know for fans of all-neutrals interiors, incorporating color can be admittedly tricky. But here’s my advice: just start small. Try swapping in a few fall-inspired accessories for a dose of color without the long-term commitment. Amber Lewis just released her collaboration with Anthropologie, and she as a few bedding pieces that I think would be a great place to start. Saturated, moody, berry hues splashed in just a few places seems like the perfect fit.

Design: jmiller interiors

via Nordic Knots


Living in a climate with four distinct seasons, it always feels natural to transition a space to reflect the change happening just outside our windows. While I’m not usually one for seasonal accessories in the pumpkin and pinecone realm, rest assured there are endless ways to bring a warmth factor to your home with a more subdued approach.

This season, I’m picking up a few new items that I love, including a few throw pillows, warm and textured bedding, styling pieces for our fireplace mantle, and cozy blankets galore. Plus, who doesn’t love a good fall candle? I love lighting Santal Noir Candle by Verishop throughout my house, especially once those daylight hours begin dwindling.


Whether you’ve been binge-watching Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up or you love catching episodes of The Home Edit on Netflix, there’s one thing we can all learn from these organizational gurus: less is often more. In an effort to prep for the long months of winter, fall is the perfect time to declutter your home from top to bottom, and take stock of what you do (and more importantly, don’t) need on hand.

I’ve spent the past several weeks giving our home the fall declutter treatment, which means a LOT of reorganization and selling everything and anything on the Facebook marketplace!


Fall is all about well-balanced layering, and that goes for both your home and your wardrobe. When it comes to interiors, I love layering in a mix of textures, colors, and patterns to give a room tons of visual interest. Don’t be afraid to mix things up with a little pattern play, and find the combo that speaks to your style.

via Andrew's Drawer

My closet is also evolving as I move towards curating a wardrobe with fewer pieces that I wholeheartedly love. But despite my best efforts, I always manage to add at least a few new beanies into my fall style rotation every year. My kids have a sneaky habit of taking mine, so this time around, I added two to my collection and opted for these Carhartt beanies in ‘deep wine.’ They’re beyond warm and look cute for those days when styling your hair just isn’t an option. After all, fall is the best time to rock the coziest pieces in your closet.

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