Here at the design studio, we are major fans of dark and saturated paint colors. Think rich greens, moody blues, and bold blacks, to name a few. Dark color tones bring a layer of depth and contrast to any space, and believe it or not, they’re way easier to incorporate than you might think!

Whenever our clients feel leery about opting for a bold paint color, we like to remind them that the best dark, saturated color tones actually work as neutrals. They can add interest without feeling overwhelming and bring drama without becoming the star of the show. One of our favorite ways to use saturated tones is to paint the same color on the walls and the trim. Using a single paint color throughout the space elevates the mood and can even make a room feel bigger or taller. It’s the perfect trick for bedrooms, TV spaces, dens, and the like. But, if you’re not ready to go all-in on painting the walls and trim, we are complete suckers for moody painted cabinetry set against light and neutral walls.

Here on the blog, we’ve previously shared some of our go-to paint colors for both interiors and exteriors, but today is all about the moody drama. In honor of Halloween week, we’re spotlighting the best dark blues, dark greens and black paint colors to pull off a saturated hue in any space.


Contrary to popular belief, we tend to think of blacks and charcoals as timeless neutrals. In fact, we’d even say that every room needs a touch of black in some form or fashion! Not quite ready for a full wall-to-wall commitment? Painting interior windows is a great way to add some contrast for a more subdued look. If you’re ready to test black paint within your space, these are the colors we’d highly recommend.

  • Soot by Benjamin Moore

  • Tricone Black by Sherwin Williams

  • Off Black by Farrow and Ball

  • Downpipe by Farrow and Ball

  • Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

  • Greenblack by Sherwin Williams

  • Black Panther by Benjamin Moore

Design: Amber Interiors Photography: Tessa Neudstat

Design and Cabinetry: Burbidge Kitchen Makers


When it comes to design, a deep, saturated green always looks good. Greens bring an incredible level of richness to a room, plus they pair beautifully with any black or brass accents you may be incorporating. You might remember that both Fatigue Green and Mediterranean Olive by Benjamin Moore made an appearance in our River Road Remodel project, and those paint colors remain two of our all-time favorites. Whether you’re selecting the main wall color or a more subtle accent, these are the dark greens we go for time and time again.

  • Studio Green by Farrow and Ball

  • Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball

  • Cast Iron by Sherwin Williams

  • Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams

  • Salamander by Benjamin Moore

  • Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore

  • Mediterranean Olive by Benjamin Moore

  • Fatigue Green by Benjamin Moore

Design: jmiller

Design via Plain English Design


For anyone who isn’t ready to try a black paint just yet, we’ve found that deep blues are often the perfect middle ground. They’re dramatic yet totally down-to-earth and look great on walls, cabinetry, or nearly anywhere you use them. We opted for Midnight Blue by Benjamin Moore on the kitchen island of our River Road Remodel project, and love how it’s both moody yet neutral all at once. Finding the right dark blues can be a long process, but these paint colors have never let us down.

  • De Nimes by Farrow and Ball

  • Inchyra Blue by Farrow and Ball

  • Dark Night by Sherwin Williams

  • Still Water by Sherwin Williams

  • Stonecutter by Benjamin Moore

  • Bluenote by Benjamin Moore

  • Midnight Blue by Benjamin Moore

Design: jmiller

Design by Pufik Homes

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