How We Personalize Our Interior Designs

As a growing interior design studio, we have projects all over North America. While we certainly have a signature style that our clients come to us for, it's so important to me that every design we create is entirely bespoke to the client. Interior design is such an incredibly personal and intimate field, so we take extensive measures to make sure that we personalize every design. Here at j miller interiors, every space we craft comes from a deep understanding of our clients' lifestyles, interests, aesthetic preferences, and family life. While we may lead by form, function is always at the forefront of our design plans. Below, we're outlining the key details we focus on to personalize every design.

6 Ways We Personalize Every Design

Questions, Questions + More Questions

Every design project begins with extensive homework. We use questionnaires to get to the heart of the function of the space. These pre-project questionnaires are particularly helpful so our clients can sit and think about their answers and their actual goals. Instead of feeling pressured to fire off a response quickly during an in-person meeting, these questionnaires allow time to process both individually and as a family. We then go a step further and ask lots of questions while on site and during our design meetings. It's important as designers for us to read body language alongside hearing client responses, especially when managing a couple with differing opinions! Everyone is different and we want to know what each individual person wants and needs in their space.

Gather Visual Inspiration, Not Just Verbal Queues

Also in our client homework, we use a Pinterest board to collect inspiration images from the clients and from our team. Because everyone uses different words to describe what they like, we use this visual inspiration to make sure everyone is in alignment. Pinterest is key to delivering a personalized design for our clients.

Look from the Outside In

Minneapolis has incredible historic neighborhoods, and we're lucky enough to work in many of them. We always scout a neighborhood around a new client project to pull inspiration from what is around them. Often, the outside informs what happens on the inside, and always, it's entirely bespoke to the client. This may be colors, textures, hard surface materials or even landscaping.

Design Concept Boards

Full service interior design is a sizable investment and we want to ensure we are in alignment with our clients every step of the way. At j miller interiors we present detailed design concept boards for every space in a home before we begin selections. By starting here, we get to hash out different ideas, present out of the box ideas and more expected options, shaping the rest of the project. The feedback we receive at this phase dictates the overall aesthetic of the entire project.

Partner with Architectural Influences

j miller interiors partners with wildly talented architects who have unique and specific ideas for our project. Combining architectural influences with our design team's vision, we are able to keep the design incredibly specific and personal to our clients' homes.

Integrate Personality

Possibly the most obvious, if not critical, step to personalizing every design is incorporating client owned items like family heirlooms, art and decor. In addition to utilizing personal items, we'll pull vintage pieces to mix into a design based on our clients' interests, stories and travels. Every detail adds to the narrative of a project and these personal items are what truly make it feel like home. You can find our favorite Etsy shops for injecting personality in a space here.

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