How we use Pinterest as Designers

As designers, we spend a lot of time thinking about our processes and the best ways to serve our clients day in and day out. Included in those processes is our strategic use of social media platforms, with Instagram and Pinterest at the very top. While some might say Instagram is the end-all-and-be-all of the social media world, we’ve actually found that Pinterest is one of the most valuable tools to take us from start to finish of a project.

It’s not an understatement to say that we use Pinterest for every stage of our client projects. In fact, setting up a project Pinterest board is quite literally step number one on our list. We recently had a question come in about how we use Pinterest to its fullest potential, so today, we want to walk you through the two main ways we use Pinterest as a business tool. We’ll share how we use this platform internally for our processes and client projects, plus how we use Pinterest externally as a visual extension of our brand.


Most designers would agree that Pinterest is one of the most underrated tools for several key reasons. First, it’s such an easy and accessible way for the client and our team to start collecting inspiration and ideas. What we love about Pinterest is that you can start “secret” boards (boards not accessible to the public) so that the communication and client collaboration is private from the get-go. We take it one step further by adding comments on each pin to help identify specific elements we love within the image. Whether it’s the color palette, a particular furniture piece, or just an overall mood, we can use comments to help narrow down the style elements we are aiming to achieve with any given project.

How we use Pinterest as Designers

Here, we break down a client's project board by room neatly in sections.

Another step we take is setting up shared boards with lots of “sections” so that we can be very specific with what we’re all loving. Again, we think it’s really important for our clients to comment on what they love or are drawn to in each image so we know exactly what they are honing in on. Once we have established the aesthetic direction, we typically take our clients off as collaborators on the board so we can then use it internally to pin items or ideas.

Here at the design studio, we also create private boards for internal team use where we collect trade only or specific items that we love and want to save but aren’t necessarily client-specific. During the course of sourcing for each project, we tend to collect some amazing ideas or even specific items that never come into fruition, so we love having a spot to collect them for future projects down the line. These internal boards also help make sourcing very efficient. For example, we can go to our ‘sofa’ board and immediately get some actionable ideas to kickstart any project!


The second way that we love to use Pinterest is by curating boards based on what is viewable from our brand’s public profile. This is such a great way to express our brand’s aesthetic and save general inspiration that is not project-specific. We have several boards that are general living rooms or dining rooms, but we also have a board that houses our current client work, plus a few boards for our followers to shop from directly.

Pinterest is also an incredible tool for enhancing our search optimization, and we’ve found that we get more traffic to our website from Pinterest than Instagram. One of my favorite resources for learning to use Pinterest to drive website traffic as a designer is this online course by my friends at IDCO. It’s so important to have multiple ways for people to interact with you and your brand, and this visual platform is one of the very best. Moral of the story: never underestimate the power of Pinterest!

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