As many of you know, this has been an incredible journey over the last few months. What started as as a way to catalog my own home renovation and interior design passion has transformed into a business focused on curating a homes that are modern, layered and timeless. The power of Instagram is still unbelievable to me! I have had the opportunity to connect with likeminded people, gain knowledge about interior design best practices and cultivate my design aesthetic that has built this brand.

If you're new to j miller interiors, welcome! I am so honored you took time out of your busy day to stop by. If you want a quick update on how I got here, check out my Instagram page where you can scroll through my personal renovation experience and my recent work with clients. If you're interested in starting a project together - local to Minneapolis or not - check out the rest of my website for additional information about my services. Here's the quick and dirty - I am a clinical social worker by training. I have spent the past

My goal with the blog is to have a place to collect all of my thoughts about design, showcase client projects, and continue to provide you with the endless interior design inspiration you've come to seek. Instagram is a wonderful place for a quick visual or update, but my hope with the blog is that I will be able to take a deep dive into the questions you have, introduce you to my business and of course connect with readers and design fanatics alike!

Can't wait to see where we go!


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