Over the past few weeks, I’ve unveiled a new post series highlighting each phase of the J Miller Interiors design process. Think of it as an insider’s guide, if you will, to showcase what working with an interior designer actually looks like behind-the-scenes.

So far, we’ve covered Phase I, Phase II and Phase III, but today is all about those final bits and pieces. It’s the moment where the sourcing, planning, management, details, and design come together for a finished space you adore. No surprise, final reveals are the most rewarding moment of any project, but unlike all the HGTV shows, they never happen overnight. In Phase IV, I’m sharing everything that goes into installation, styling, photography, and project completion as a full-service interior design client.

Get ready because this is where the magic happens.


As we move into this final stage of the process, I can always feel the excitement leading up to install day. Throughout Phase III, I’ll be collecting your furniture and decor at an off-site warehouse, and once I’ve received nearly all of your inventory, I know it’s time to put the wheels in motion. Depending on the scale of your project, installation can take between one to five days, and will always be carefully coordinated well in advance.

Together with a team of white-glove delivery specialists, I’ll position every piece of furniture or rugs, hang lighting, art and window treatments, and ensure each item is in its perfect place. As a designer, one of my best components of install day comes down to styling because it allows me to bring all our hard work to life. I’ll spend time thoughtfully layering accessories, creating vignettes on each shelf and surface, and ensuring your home is entirely ready for its final reveal.


During the final phase of installation, I’ll also schedule a professional photographer to capture your project for the J Miller Interiors portfolio. They’ll be working with me closely to ensure every detail is captured in the very best light, both figuratively and literally, of course. I always consider photography such an exciting last step as we document all love we’ve collectively put into your project.

Once all of the above is officially in the books, it’s time to reveal your new space. Together, we’ll complete a guided walk-through of your project, covering every aspect of my design work along the way. I’ll note and swiftly correct any deficiencies, and ensure the finished product is everything you’ve envisioned. From there, your newly designed space is finally all yours to enjoy!

Thank you so much for joining me on this Inside My Design Process series! It’s been such a treat to take you along for the ins and outs of work. As always, my top priority is complete transparency in design. If you have any burning design questions, comments, or would love to know more, don’t hesitate to drop me a note — I’d love to connect!

Here are a few of our favorite finishing touches!

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