After roughly a month into this stay-at-home routine, I’ve learned one thing to be true: it’s the little things that hold our days together. It’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee, a beautiful candle burning, or even an afternoon cuddled on the sofa with my family that brings peace to the overwhelm and normalcy to the uncertain.

While I’m admittedly still getting the hang of sheltering in place, I find enormous comfort in the rhythms of my work and seeking out inspiration on a daily basis. Whether it’s as big as a new client project or as small as a cute Etsy find, I’ve decided these big and small moments deserve a home within this studio blog space. I’m deeming this monthly series The Edit, where you can expect plenty of inspiration related to design, style, and everyday life, with a few of my favorite pieces sprinkled in along the way.

I hope The Edit series can become a bright spot in your month, and I can’t wait to hear what’s been inspiring your stay-at-home days, too.


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We might be tucked inside our homes, but I’ve decided my wardrobe deserves at least a small refresh for spring. With the weather finally warming up in Minneapolis, it’s time to retire all my winter knitwear in favor of light linen-blend textiles that capture the springtime vibe. I’ve rounded up a few beautiful pieces from Madewell and Everlane that recently caught my eye — from cool cropped denim to leather slip-on sandals to linen midi dresses and more. Plus, if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to buy yourself a cute pair of track pants, now is most definitely the time to do it.


The only shopping trips taking place these days are from my sofa. Luckily, there are so many incredible small businesses worth supporting with pieces that deliver both the practical and the pretty. I’ve been especially impressed by this lovely company for their efforts in supporting our essential workers though their BUY 1 - GIVE 1 program.

On the slightly less practical side, I’ve become a big fan of Verishop’s ceramic candle selection for all these cozy days spent at home. Their candles are made of renewable coconut and soy wax and smell just as lovely as they look. Along with new scents, I’ve found myself continually reaching for this Hasami porcelain mug in the past several weeks. Whether you’re team coffee or team hot tea, this mug fits the bill with a clean, neutral design that’s totally my vibe.


Before you start envisioning any dinner party inspiration, rest assured that this type of entertaining is focused on the little ones. While I don’t pretend to have this whole “kids in quarantine” routine down perfectly, I wanted to share what’s been keeping my littles busy during these particularly crazy times. Bring on all the coloring, art projects, and science kits, please.


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This month, the big news around the office is (drumroll please) ... I’m in the process of redesigning a new workspace. While I’ve been culling Pinterest inspiration for quite some time, this month was the moment to finally get this project underway. As the official J Miller Interiors HQ, I’m envisioning a good mix of textural moments, functional storage pieces, and plenty of vintage finds woven in for good measure. While I’m not working in the office space full-time just yet, I’ve taken this opportunity to continue dreaming and planning for all that’s ahead.

P.S. Just in case you happen to be dreaming of a redesigned workspace during this home-bound period, I’ve pulled together a few pieces that are high up on my list.

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