The September Edit

Between starting a new school year and enjoying the last warm days of early fall, this month has flown by in what feels like a blink. The new season has brought some pretty big changes to the studio (more on that later!), and we can’t wait to share what we’ve loved along the way. To kick things off, we’ve compiled a mini round-up of our favorite fall-inspired pieces, including paint colors, wardrobe additions, housewares, and more. You can find those curated selections by scrolling below, and we’d love to hear what you’ve loved, worn, read, or discovered this month, too.

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: S•E•N Creative


As you may remember from many moons ago, the studio has an upcoming rebrand, and the time is finally coming so, so near! We are working on a full name change and new website rollout, which will happen later this fall. Good things take time, and this is no exception!

In other studio news, Laura has taken another position with a firm I'm sure many of you know ;) It was hard to let her go, but we couldn't be more excited for her next chapter. Laura's departure opened up a little team shuffle and a new hire! Samantha has been serving as our Procurement Manager (actually, she's a jack of all trades!) for the last six months, and she has now moved into Laura's role as Senior Designer. Samantha came to us with a wealth of experience from her previous roles at design firms in LA and is brimming with ideas for our latest projects. We also hired Sarah (hi Sarah!) to backfill Samantha's role. Sarah is a Minnesota woman at heart but developed her design senses in New York. Upon moving back to the Twin Cities, Sarah has found a home at our studio. As a mighty team of three, we are working on our process, seeking out efficiencies, and practicing creativity around the clock. Keep an eye out for full introductions to be rolled out with our new site!

In the meantime, we're slowly adding j miller interiors' latest work to the portfolio section of our website. Keep an eye out as we continue updating our most recent photographed work, including our Westgate Ave project!

To read more about our upcoming rebrand, check out: 2021 Studio Goals

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: S•E•N Creative


At home, I have been decluttering our house thanks to the amazing concept of ‘buy nothing groups.’ It has been so fun to connect with my neighbors and offer up home and personal items that we no longer need to someone who does! I love the concept of the ‘gift economy,’ and I highly recommend looking into your local group to get in on the action!


We have been picking paint colors like it's our job this month, and I am always referring back to our favorite paint colors for both interiors and exteriors. I've been working on updating some paint in our house too, and I've sampled far more colors than I thought. I'm going to invest in a set of these painted boards for our studio to have on hand for upcoming projects. They're so handy to have an actual painted sample!


Looking for more design ideas? You can always find our latest inspiration on Pinterest with new content added each and every week. If you would like to connect with us for your upcoming project, we would love to hear from you. You can connect directly by filling out our contact form!

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