Why Hire an Interior Designer?

The decision to hire an interior designer is one that involves a good amount of forethought. We find that homeowners often underestimate the scope of work a renovation or new build project can involve, only to bring on help once they’re sufficiently overwhelmed in the process. But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a full-service design firm, we specialize in taking projects from concept to completion, which is just one of the many reasons to hire an interior designer in the first place. Whether our clients are based in Minneapolis or across the country, the process is the same. Our job is to manage a project every step of the way.

Today on the blog, we want to go back to the basics of our industry. We’re outlining the role of a designer and why it’s so important to bring us on board from the get-go.

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Birnie


If you’ve ever searched for a local tradesperson, you know the tremendous amount of time it can involve. You’re Googling, scanning reviews, and waiting for call-backs in hopes of finding someone who can deliver quality work on your specific timeline. But when you hire an interior designer, you can rest assured that we come with a network of trusted trades and contractors. Our industry contacts allow us to seamlessly schedule and manage projects while saving you endless hours of Internet research.

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Let the record show that the role of an interior designer is so much more than decorating. We handle all the nitty-gritty (and not so fun) parts of a project, including developing specification books and detailed construction drawings. These are not tasks the average homeowner can accomplish alone, making a designer the best person to have by your side.

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Birnie


Ask anyone who’s ever tried to renovate or build on their own, and they’ll tell you that the burnout on decision-making is real. An interior designer provides a thought partner throughout the entire process of the project. It allows you to draw on their expertise rather than agonizing over every paint color, hardware selection, or room layout decision that comes your way.


When you work with an interior designer, you gain access to custom-made pieces that have been created specifically for your home. Our clients love the one-of-a-kind character that hand-crafted furniture brings, including work from our favorite local maker, Rovan Furniture.

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Birnie


While stress is an inherent part of renovation projects, a designer will often intervene or intercept an issue before it comes to the homeowners’ attention. Our goal is to always come to our clients with solutions (not problems) and make the process of designing their home a really enjoyable experience.

On that same note, our team includes a dedicated procurement manager (hi, Sarah!) to track each and every item and provide weekly updates regarding orders. This means clients don’t have to worry or wonder when your pieces will be ready for installation—it's all taken care of behind the scenes.


At the end of the day, most clients hire an interior designer because they want a well-trained eye to help execute their project. An interior designer will help you achieve the exact look and feel you’ve envisioned, and better yet, they’ll bring so many concepts to the table you’d never considered yourself.

Design: j miller interiors | Photography: Amanda Birnie

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